Olive Oil & Lemon Pearls

Encapsulated to capture the delicate refinement of caviar. These exquisite pearls are made using our extra virgin olive oil flavoured with fresh Mediterranean lemons that smell like lemon myrtle.

Produced by encapsulating extra virgin olive oil drops with a thin layer of gelatin extracted from cell walls of flavour-free brown algae. These tiny pearls pop like caviar to release 100% pure flavoured olive oil that of exquisite preserved lemons.

Data sheet 
Ingredients: olive oil and lemons (extra virgin olive oil pressed together with fresh lemons) 85%, water, gellant (E-401), stabiliser (E-509)
Best before.: 12 months
Storage: Store in cool, dry place


Nutritional information (per 100g) 
Energy 765 kcal
       Saturates: 12,20g
       Carbohydrate: 0,01g (of which sugars 0g)
       Protein: 0,85g
       Salt: 0,08g


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Net content
50ml (299,00 €/liter)
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