Set Best Sellers | 5x 20ml

This set of flavoured Mediterranean olive oils are a favourite in the kitchen. They are beautifully presented in 5 miniature sized bottles, perfect for one person as a gift to enjoy at lunchtime with a salad or over a night feast. The oils are obtained by pressing and crushing olives together with 100% natural and locally sourced flavourful ingredients. The set contains: Olive Oil & Basil, Olive Oil & Chilli, Olive Oil & Lemon, Olive Oil & Orange and Olive Oil & Garlic.


Data sheet 
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, lemon, orange, garlic, chilli flavoured oil (5%)
Best before:: 24 months
Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from light
Nutritional information (per 100g) 
Energy 3.700 kJ/ 900 kcal
Fat 100g
       of which saturates: 13g
 Contains neglible amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt
10,95 €
Net content
100ml (109,50 €/liter)